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What to do when inspiration doesn't come

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Every person in any creative field has gone through the horrible situation where you get no inspiration no matter what you do. Unfortunately it’s not a one-time occurence, it will happen multiple times and quite often suddenly. There can be a multitude of causes but right now I’d like to give you a few tips on how to fight this block. I’m a webdesigner, so these tips may be more suited to the graphic design field but feel free to gain inspiration (hehe) from it nevertheless.

Don’t push it

Contrary to popular belief and some blogs who claim this, sitting down and forcing yourself to overcome your block is not good for you. Your frustration and stress levels will rise and at the same time you risk later


If you are a fleerancer and can afford it, take a one or two day vacation. Relax, do what you enjoy. Go running, swimming or go for a walk, fresh air will help you. Get together with friends or family. Listen to music, play your favourite game, read a good book. I don’t mean books that is in any way related to your field of work. Put away webdesign and graphic design books and pick up some nice fiction. Don’t think about your block and enjoy life.

Occupy your creative mind, educate yourself

Personally I’m not only focused on webdesign, but I’m creative in other ways as well. Apart from webdesign and websites, I really enjoy making jewelry and writing. These things occupy my brain a little differently and with handmade jewelry I occupy my hands as well. :)

You can occupy your mind by educating yourself. Did you want to learn HTML 5, CSS 3 or the basics of JavaScript? Go right ahead, you have the right opportunity to dive right in. It does not have to be related with your industry, maybe you always wanted to improve on foreign languages.

Educate others

This tip is similar to the one above. If you don’t want to educate yourself at the moment, you can start by educating others. Do you know any trick that helps you (time management, good piece of code you reuse often)? Maybe you have created some nice collage or wallpaper, so why not write down a tutorial?

Do something else

Have you put off household chores? Is your desk overflowing with papers and books? Studies show that messy workspace negatively effects your concentration even if you don’t notice. Clean up your desk, do some dusting, vacuum clean the entire flat or house, hang up a shelf or a painting, change the lightbulb, fix the squeaking door. If you have a garden, trim your lawn, weed the flowerbeds and water the flowers.

Every mentioned tip helped me overcome my block. If none of these work for you, don’t despair. Sooner or later the block will leave and you will begin creating beautiful things again. :)

If you have any other tips on how to deal with lack of inspiration, tell me in comments! :)

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I'm a freelance webdesigner and my hobbies include reading, writing and music. During my experience in this industry, I have participated in a variety of projects. I pride myself on personal communication with my clients, responsible and thorough approach to the project.

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