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Each visitor will form an opinion of your website in a matter of seconds, so it’s important to have quality webdesign to catch their eye. Webdesign should be well-arranged, functional and most of all, user friendly. The visitor should not ask “What am I supposed to do next?” or “Where do I click?” after visiting your website.

If your website is well-aranged and user friendly, your customers will be glad to return.

It’s important to know your customer.
*Who are they?
*What is their gender and age?
*Who is my website aimed to?
*What do I want the user to do? Leave an e-mail address? Buy your product?

You should know answers to these questions before you contact me. Websites should have a certain goal and webdesign should reflect that.

I create original, modern, clean, functional and user friendly webdesign according to your requirements. Mutual communication is very important, I’m not afraid to say what is or isn’t suitable for your website and can provide alternatives and discuss them with you.

Quality design doesn’t have to be the most expensive

What about price? My fellow freelance webdesigners will agree with me when I say this is a bit of a sensitive topic. When dealing with a customer, it is inevitable this topic will come up. There is a wide range of prices in this industry, of course it largely depends on whether the supplier is a web agency or a freelance webdesigner. The prices largely derive from that, however, expensive website is not always a sign of quality as well as low price doesn’t mean it’s unprofessional and the webdesign is bad. The competition is high and as a result, some webdesigners often underprice their work.

Well done websites will return your investment tenfold.

Now you ask, what are my prices? I don’t have a set pricing list for websites because every project I work on is different and every customer has different requirements. Interested? You can get a free quote here.

In most cases I require paying 30-50% of the final price upfront (not refundable), depending on the customer’s options. My hourly rate $45 is set up for special cases.

Webdesigner Dana Svedova

I'm a freelance webdesigner and my hobbies include reading, writing and music. During my experience in this industry, I have participated in a variety of projects. I pride myself on personal communication with my clients, responsible and thorough approach to the project.

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