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I haven’t been really satisfied how my store looked like and the admin section of Woocommerce (Wordpress), so I have created and coded a new design and moved back to the Opencart platform.

It’s hands down my favourite open source e-commerce systems and I use it for all my clients. They haven’t had any complaints and using it is super easy.

My handmade jewelry store update

Website creation process

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Most people outside of this field don’t have a clear idea on how websites are made and what phases the entire project entails. So I decided to write down this article, so that even you have the opportunity to glimpse behind website creation. To illustrate this, I’ll be using an example where the client needs a brand new website.

6 stages of webdesign and webdevelopment

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I can also offer you webdevelopment and coding. It’s up to you whether you prefer simple website or a more complex one using a content management system (CMS)

While my main thing is webdesign, I love to code websites as well and will offer you a complete solution. What does that mean for you?

My services - webdevelopment

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When I was fiddling with the Bakery module for the CMS Websitebaker, I found a little shortcoming – there is no RSS feed for the new products. Therefore I have decided to write it myself. For those, who would like to use this RSS feed, I have prepared te following tutorial.

Tutorial: RSS product feed in Bakery module

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