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When I was fiddling with the Bakery module for the CMS Websitebaker, I found a little shortcoming – there is no RSS feed for the new products. Therefore I have decided to write it myself. For those, who would like to use this RSS feed, I have prepared te following tutorial.

Tutorial: RSS product feed in Bakery module

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For some of my clients with small websites I use open source content management system (CMS) Websitebaker. It’s easy and intuitive to use for my customers, while it allows me to easily make templates and edit some parts of the system.

TUTORIAL: Minicart for Bakery in CMS Websitebaker

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Duplicate content happens when multiple URL addresses link to the same page or when large content blocks on each page are identical. Search engines don’t like such duplicity because they have to pick just one address out of these. How to deal with it?

Using .htaccess to avoid duplicate content

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