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Studynet homepage

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While the Studynet website is not new, I’ve worked on a new homepage design for my client. We wanted to modernize it a little bit, make it look fresher and remove the Web 2.0 shadowing. I think the result turned out pretty great, you can see it behind the cut or by visiting the website. gets brand new homepage

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It’s been a few days since I’ve opened my online shop with handmade jewelry. Making jewelry is my hobby, which I’ve taken a liking to about a year ago. I wanted others to enjoy what I do as well, therefore I have set up this jewelry store to sell my handmade products.

New project - handmade jewelry

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I’ve added a new webdesign concept for a dreambook website This webdesign was a contest entry at the portal. You can check out the webdesign here .

Webdesign concept for

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Once more I’ve participated in a 99designs contest, this time in the book design category. The book author himself has held the contests and picked my design as the winning one.

Graphic design - e-book cover

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