10 best 404 not found errror pages

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Each of us has sometimes encountered a 404 error page. These pages come in all shapes and sizes; some are only plain text annoucements, others are drawn to perfection using graphic elements, typography and often also a bit of humour.

Today I’ve chosen 10 best 404 not found error pages.

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Tractr.net 404

Tractr.net uses the current webdesign trend – large photo backgrounds.

Mint 404

Mint.com went for humour and showed us things they found under the couch cushion.

TapTapDesign 404

TapTapDesign 404 error page draws the eye with its typography and unusual word arrangement.

Fastcentrik 404

Czech provider of e-commerce solutions Fastcentrik uses simplicity and humour.

Lego 404

CSS tricks 404

CSS Tricks creates the illusion of ripped paper with CSS code underneath. Simple but effective design.

Blue fountain images 404

Landing on a 404 not found page won’t make most people happy and people at Blue Fountain Media know that. That’s why they implemented a Pacman minigame to their 404 page.

Blizzard 404

Blizzard uses the illusion of broken glass to illustrate broken pages.

Mark Dijkstra 404

A good example of ‘less is more’ can be the 404 error page of Mark Dijkstra.

Look it's me 404

Lookitsme have their 404 page in Flash, but the used animation is bound to make you smile. It’s worth to wait until it finishes completely.

Have you seen my 404 page? I hope not! :) If not, here it is. :)

Webdesign Dana Švédová 404

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